Noiser v1.0 Texture Creator GNU/GPL

Noiser is a free application that allows you to easily create textures using various image generating algorithms and 3D noise parameters. This technique of dynamically rendering images, rather than using precomputed static pixel bitmaps, is often used by 3D artists to create natural looking textures.

With this graphical wxWidgets front end to the open source noise library, you can compose a render tree from many different types of noise, such as Perlin-, Ridged multi-fractal or Billow.

By right-clicking the module setup you may add, remove and nest the modules of your choice. First choose one of the generator, transformer, modifier or combiner modules and then modify all parameters to the values of your choice.

The colors of the image are taken from a gradient for which you specify the red, green, blue and transparency values at specific control points. Color values can be changed by double clicking an entry of the control point list. The output surface may be set to either be planar, cylindrical or spherical.

For any of the generated 3D noise textures, a normal map or terrain height field file may be created and saved for further use.
// Due to a wxYield() bug the app runs slowly on Linux and OSX, so executing a Windows version in Wine is alot faster.

Binary Download

Windows DownloadNoiser - Texture Creator Win32 MSVC2008
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Noiser - Texture Creator Win32 MinGW
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Noiser - Texture Creator Win64 MSVC2008
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Noiser - Texture Creator Win64 MinGW
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MacOSX DownloadNoiser - Texture Creator MacOSX i386 Carbon
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Linux DownloadNoiser - Texture Creator Linux i386 Static
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Noiser - Texture Creator Linux x86_64 Static
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Noiser - Texture Creator GNU GPL

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Noiser Sourcecode
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