Yap - Finance API Demo

Yap FloatThis free desktop software application helps traders to analyze and compare stock details effectively. With a Finance API, the app queries various API versions to fetch real-time, historical and analyst stock data. Its cross-platform development ensures seamless performance on Windows, macOS and Linux, leveraging the speed of C++ and the versatility of the Qt Toolkit.

With Yap users can draw a variety of chart types, including CandleStick Charts, Spider Charts, and Histogram Charts for specific timeframes.
Creating charts is as simple as right-clicking on a symbol and selecting the desired chart type, allowing for easy comparison of multiple symbols.
Advanced zoom and pan features enhance interactivity, with basic zoom functions supported by click, drag, and mouse-wheel controls, and the escape key quickly resetting the zoom level. Customizable line charts enable users to change line colors at any time and highlight lines by clicking on the symbol. Different chart background grid types can be selected from the menu.

Advanced features cater to more experienced users, who can add multiple symbols quickly by submitting titles separated by a space character. The application allows for direct comparison of different timeframes to analyze stock performance.

Users can save advanced analysis details to an Excel xlsx file, facilitating the comparison of various details of all entered symbols in beautifully colored, large Excel sheets. Its important to ensure that Microsoft Excel is closed before writing to the same filename; check out LibreOffice Calc. An example exported stock sheet set is available for all major indexes.
For example the application calculates volatility and win probability for each title and time period, making it perfect for comparing the performance of many symbols at once.

The executables are compiled statically for Windows, macOS and Linux, ensuring robust performance across all platforms. Yap supports very big high-resolution fullscreen charts, providing a clear and detailed view of stock data. Some operating systems even benefit from hardware-acceleration. Released under the GNU/GPL License, this app is 100% free and it comes without a warranty!

With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, this desktop software application is an essential tool for traders looking to analyze and compare stock details efficiently.


Windows DownloadYap - Finance API Demo - Windows x64 MinGW
14,6 MB (14.561.134 bytes) md5 5a97a7f3575416fa36a43816b88fe5d3
macOS DownloadYap - Finance API Demo - macOS x86_64 Static
7,5 MB (7.503.812 bytes) md5 9654906f62878bb15251da1e9faaa05c
Linux DownloadYap - Finance API Demo - Linux jammy & noble
16,4 MB (16.401.684 bytes) md5 db165cc23b2a02af86d0bc85cb599573
The latest version was built on June 24 2024 11:46:34

Excel xlsx DownloadYap - Stock Sheet - Dow Jones 30 Industrial Excel xlsx
4,0 MB (3.995.743 bytes) md5 7ec1c042c8d4506561dd177f19644116
Yap - Stock Sheet - S&P 100 Excel xlsx
13,0 MB (12.981.104 bytes) md5 a8528725ead90822c65c77bb9e29791c
Yap - Stock Sheet - S&P 500 Excel xlsx
60,4 MB (60.359.558 bytes) md5 a9f327c841d305418a492c8aae820884
Yap - Stock Sheet - NASDAQ 100 Excel xlsx
11,9 MB (11.889.160 bytes) md5 3f10043999539fdff5507117d98a7823
Yap - Stock Sheet - EURO STOXX 50 Excel xlsx
6,0 MB (5.979.246 bytes) md5 a6de95635e09f83684c8390da74e7c74
Yap - Stock Sheet - Nikkei 225 Excel xlsx
26,2 MB (26.205.691 bytes) md5 4d37cf000195e586649f4509a16c1c7a
Yap - Stock Sheet - DAX Excel xlsx
4,6 MB (4.625.432 bytes) md5 72c9e9a1f39e79d7544d3aef5f41f87d
Yap - Stock Sheet - TecDAX Excel xlsx
3,4 MB (3.363.925 bytes) md5 d8ca8547f73e0fbcea69b19b8ba60526
Yap - Stock Sheet - CAC 40 Excel xlsx
5,0 MB (4.957.359 bytes) md5 f5054804928b8e7e6270c4590947553d


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