Singing Notifier for Android

PlayThis little app will notify you on updates by reading notifications out loud. Once Notification-Access is enabled, the application continuously listens for new announcements. Now as apps or the operating-system fire events, the notifier will catch these messages, extract each text-part and instantly read them out loud.

The Text-to-Speech voice will read any news on your favorite social networks, news-feeds or messaging services. This way you always stay updated without even touching a device.
This comes in handy in certain situations when one is just not allowed to use a mobile phone. For example at work or while driving a car, the speech output keeps you posted without needing to pick up or look at the device.

In most cases, while using a messenger-app for example, you commonly use up to three or four different languages when texting. Therefore an advanced feature will automatically detect the language used in the notification-event and set the speech output accordingly. Please keep in mind that this kind of offline method is not always accurate, especially for short text.

Important for privacy is the option to skip all message details, so when a notification is processed, the second part of the message is simply skipped. This way only the title is read out loud. Besides, when you sometimes receive about thirty messages an hour, this same feature will stop you from getting annoyed by ignoring the long section of notifications.
Concerning privacy, please note that both enhanced features, automatic language detection and the Text-to-Speech engine audio output, are executed completely offline. This app is 100% free and Open-Source, so feel free to view and use the code. Have fun!


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