Treasure Island – Realtime3D Demo

This application is built on the Irrlicht-Engine and NVIDIA Cg-Toolkit. Irrlicht is an open source high performance realtime 3D engine written in C++. Focused on advanced shading techniques the NVIDIA Cg-Toolkit is used to create all kinds of different elements for an amazing 3D experience.

This open source DirectX9 Demo shows some basic use of common techniques like normal-mapping and building a skybox using cube-maps.
The scene shows sand, some grass and beautiful rocks. There are animated objects like ocean waves, shallow water caustics and windy palm trees by using a noise lookup-table.

Use your mouse and keyboard to navigate through a complete 3D environment and explore a caribbean-like island scenery. Passing a command-line argument to the executable will run in Fullscreen-Mode. If you run a Linux Operating System, please use wine-stable to execute the application.

Now take a short break and dive into a realistic feeling scene you can move around, rotate and zoom in realtime. Have fun!

Binary Download

Windows DownloadTreasure Island - Realtime3D Demo x86 MSVC2008
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Treasure Island - Realtime3D Demo x86 MSVC2010
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Treasure Island - Realtime3D Demo x64 MSVC2008
44,6 MB (46.803.894 Bytes) md5 c4670b39b56ae64243a0270e79dc08c1


Treasure Island Realtime3D

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