Tuber v1.0 Cross-Platform Game GNU/GPL

Tuber is a simple and fun game where your goal is to keep the ball on the solid areas. Control the ball as you slide down a tube and collect different types of stars. Use the left and right arrow-keys to move. Press space to jump; Pressing space twice will double-jump.

Tuber is written from scratch, 100% free, open-source and available for various operating systems like Windows, MacOSX, Linux, iOS and Android. Tuber runs natively on desktops, tablets and even phones.

This game uses the magic of Haxe, which is an open source toolkit based on a modern, high level, strictly typed programming language, a cross-compiler, a complete cross-platform standard library and ways to access each platform's native capabilities.

The source-code available for download is written in OpenFL, which uses the familiar Flash API. OpenFL enables creative expression. Enterprise applications and best-selling games are made with OpenFL, publishing native applications using one seamless toolset.

Binary Download

Windows DownloadTuber - Game Windows x86 MSVC2008
24.2 MB (25,354,203 bytes) md5 bedf636b7144c9ddd2334af8340dbb93
Android DownloadTuber - Game Android Apk API16
If your Android display resolution is 720p or above please grab Tuber at the Google Play Store
25.9 MB (27,138,570 bytes) md5 49dbc299889d7ba0bde7a52801014acb

MacOSX DownloadTuber - Game MacOSX x86 Static
48.3 MB (50,598,031 bytes) md5 2bada60c987450cca1e4e0e7dbdd830e
Tuber - Game MacOSX x64 Static
48.4 MB (50,763,741 bytes) md5 cf69773234e7be157963fe9eb0440e7c

Linux DownloadTuber - Game Linux i386 Tarball
26.1 MB (27,325,179 bytes) md5 3cbb536c31ebf082972814f8e8a49dff
Tuber - Game Linux x86_64 Tarball
26.1 MB (27,378,045 bytes) md5 21322649cece6a100ec0f21e3a909af6


Tuber Game GNU GPL

Download Source

Tuber Sourcecode
21.5 MB (22,549,708 bytes)

md5 4230ec2bfcbec878a7bb307a9325c35a

SourcecodePreview Source