The Ultimate Pixel Font

This minimal and unique pixel art screen font consists of characters made by simple small blocks with square corners and straight edges instead of curves.

It is just perfect for low-resolution displays used by for example LED dot matrices like traffic signs or scrolling subway tickers.
Most characters use a tiny grid of only four by five pixels, which is incredibly small and yet still readable. This is a fun lowercase and uppercase typeface for letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation.

It is a vector-based font, so unlike all the bitmap fonts, it can be scaled to any point size without quality loss or requiring an extra-large file size. Once the text is rasterized, there is still some space to customize the letters simply by moving around, adjusting, or attaching single pixels.

The Ultimate Pixel Font is available as TrueType, OpenType, and Web Open Font Format file. It is compatible with all operating systems and counts 143 glyphs. All files are released under the open-source GNU/GPL license and free for commercial use.


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